Project Description

All of the works included in my portfolio reflect portraits of my everyday home life as well as portraits of friends and family.

1 & 2)     Maternity Sketches self-portrait,2016, pencil on paper, A5

3)              Self-Portrait on Sofa, 2018, oil on board, 24x18cm

4)              Daughter Triptych (1 of 3, Work in Progress), 2019, oil on canvas, 100x70cm

5)              Benjamin Sullivan Masterclass Life Painting, 2018, oil on canvas board, 61x46cm

6)              Untitled (self-portrait), 2019, watercolour on paper, 31x23cm

7)              Mother and Child in Jacquemus, 2017, Watercolour on paper, 31x23cm

8)              Mother and Child in Moschino, 2017, Watercolour on paper, 31x23cm

9)              Mother and Child Selfie in Hallway, 2018, Oil on linen, 30x25cm

10)           Mother and Child Self-portrait in Kitchen, 2019, Oil on linen, 24x18cm

11)           Sister, 2018, oil on canvas, 50x40cm

12)           Mother and Child in Denim, 2018, oil on canvas, 60x50cm

13)           Daughter in Chair, 2018, watercolour on paper, 38x29cm

14)           Daughter Triptych Underpaintings, 2018, oil on canvas, 100x70cm each

15)           Sarah, 2013, Oil on canvas, 45x75cm

16)           Self-portrait Ten Months Postpartum, 2017, Oil on canvas, 24x18cm